Hold your place in line, online, at the ER with InQuicker

InQuicker is an online check-in service focused on increasing patient satisfaction in the ER experience. Hold your place inline, online. Wait at home instead of in the waiting room, and upon arrival, you will be seen by a health care professional within 15 minutes of your projected treatment time.

Click here to find projected treatment times at the Baptist Easley Hospital emergency room. Or you can select your time using the tool on the left.

How does InQuicker work?

InQuicker is not an appointment or reservation service, and InQuicker users do not skip in front of other visitors. Rather, InQuicker utilizes facility traffic information to project treatment times for individuals who have non-life/limb threatening conditions, thereby enabling InQuicker users to check-in and hold their place online, instead of sitting in a waiting room.

In the event of a projected treatment time delay, InQuicker users are sent real-time notifications via SMS text message and email with updated projected treatment times. InQuicker users are subject to the same triage and queuing processes as the general ER and urgent care population.

Is InQuicker right for me?
InQuicker is intended for use by individuals who have non-life/limb threatening medical conditions and require care at an ER. Users indicating a life/limb-threatening medical condition are prompted to dial 911 or go immediately to the nearest emergency room, instead of using InQuicker.

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